The Certified Human Resources Manager assigns roles in the HR department

Certified Human Resources Manager assigns roles

One of the many responsibilities of the Certified Human Resources Manager is to compile and assign the roles, responsibilities, and positions in the HR department.

In the report, I present a complete list of all HR roles and their activities. As a Certified Human Resources Manager, I share my suggestions with the top management of the organization. Reference: “Popular Human Resource Management Roles”,

I have selected the candidates for the respective positions, and I want to add that I have provided a tour of the whole company for everyone so that they can be acquainted with the way the different classes in the company work.

Certified Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

The position I offer to our CEO is Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO). I think he is best suited for this position. He already has a lot of experience in the corporate development of various large companies. And also at the functional and executive level for development, implementation of strategic planning, and business cases. Reference:,

He will be directly responsible for everything that happens in the organization, as well as the development and implementation of the human resources strategy in support of the overall business plan and strategic management of the organization.
Especially in the areas of planning, which will include overall leadership and guidance for the human resources function, such as monitoring the acquisition of talents, career development, training planning. Organization and implementation management. He will manage the human resources needs and plans of the executive management team, the shareholders, and the board of directors.

It will create and implement HR efforts that effectively communicate (Reference: “Example of Human Resources plan of an IT / Software company”, and support the company’s mission, goals, business operations, and strategic vision.

Develop and implement comprehensive compensation and compensation plans that are competitive and cost-effective. He will manage the budget management in the company and will implement strategies for its increase. It will develop financial strategies for human resources by assessing, forecasting, and anticipating requirements, trends, and deviations, equalizing monetary resources, developing action plans, measuring and analyzing results, initiating corrective actions, minimizing the impact of deviations.

I will participate by reviewing a strategic plan prepared by him in advance. And I will prepare a set of questions and cases related to the company, which will be submitted to him for the answer and a plan for their elimination or development, then together with him, I will select the consideration of his recommendations and their discussion. It will also prepare various strategies related to our company, which will be reviewed and discussed. Read more: “Human Resources Management Plan Example”, Davis Timothy, 2021 ISSN 2563-1527

Human Resources Director

I think that our CEO is suitable for this position because the experience he has as CEO of one of the fastest-growing companies will ensure that the management of the organization will maintain good constant information, both for external and for the internal competitive landscape, opportunities for customer expansion, markets, employee development and high standards of performance. I think he also has the skills for this position.

It will work with senior management to understand the goals and strategy of staffing, recruitment, and retention organizations.

It will plan, lead, develop, coordinate and implement policies, processes, training, initiatives, and research to support the human resources needs of organizations and the strategic needs imposed by directors.
Implements special project results by identifying and clarifying issues with priorities, communicating and coordinating requirements, evaluating the achievements of HR professionals, changing proposals and the direction of employees if they are wrong.

Directs the actions of management and employees by writing and updating procedures and rules. It will monitor compliance with local laws, regulatory changes, and labor law provisions and will include reviewing and modifying policies and maintaining and enforcing them.

Maintains a good knowledge of trends, best practices, and new technologies in human resources to communicate changes and senior management resources. Providing information, analysis, and recommendations for strategic thinking and guiding the organization for better results. Improves the reputation of the department and the organization by accepting the responsibility for fulfilling new and different requests. It will explore opportunities to add value to performance and human resource goals in line with directors’ decisions.

Add benefits packages and computer programs for human resources. Consultation with management to identify and analyze current and future business problems and needs. Reference: “Get a Human Resources Manager certificate with a good training course”,

I will prepare a set of questions about the important skills you need to have and we will go through each one to check if it meets them. Some of the skills we will focus on will be:

– Public speaking and communication skills: Must communicate company policies and decisions and with authority and give presentations to employees and company meetings.
– Teamwork: Will cooperate with other managers of the company, should be able to work well with colleagues during meetings, projects, and decision making.
– Strategic planning and what management style it has, whether they coincide with those of the company or if they are new whether we will be able to implement them in the company.
-Decision-making skills that can affect the entire company and its employees, as well as hiring decisions that lead to productive teams. And more questions for personal acquaintance and psychological, to determine to some extent how he makes decisions in stressful situations.

Certified Human Resources Manager

The position of Certified Human Resources Manager is in line with Ms. Peterson’s previous experience. She has also successfully passed the BVOP Certified Human Resource Manager certification exam. Her license is indefinite. See it here:

From the organization of training to changes and innovations in the respective field and organization and holding of various events and training in the enterprise.

We expect it to facilitate the professional development, training, and certification activities of staff and their successful implementation. It will be responsible for managing staff relations, ensuring compliance, recruiting staff, and developing good recruitment practices, as well as compensation plans. It implements strategies for acquiring talents, retaining employees and will ensure safe working conditions and compliance with labor relations.

Manages human resources through good orientation, consulting, and disciplining of employees.
Good planning, monitoring, evaluation, and review of the contribution of each of the staff and motivation and support of each of them.
Complies with the laws by studying existing and new legislation, enforcing compliance, consulting with management on the necessary actions. Reference: “How to make a Human Resources plan for our organization”,

Work with the company’s executive management team to create a stable management plan that is consistent with the company’s strategy and goals. Processing of benefits for employees and creation of job descriptions. Responsibility for maintaining a large amount of data and documents and multiple tasks and giving priority to the most important.

I will invite her for an interview and I will proceed in the standard way with well-chosen questions that will be asked and then discussed.

Some of the questions will be:

  • 1. To tell about your last experience in recruiting, interviewing, or hiring an employee. What techniques are most effective in finding the right person for the job?
  • 2. To give an example of when she set expectations for an employee and observed development. What guidelines has she found most effective?
  • 3. What is the key to developing a good team?
  • 4. An example when she has successfully organized a diverse group of people to perform a task and be successful.
  • 5. An example of an experience with a difficult person and how you coped with the situation. Reference: “Human resource management plan in project management practices”,
  • 6. How he manages to organize, plan and prioritize his work.
  • 7. What are some of the goals she has developed in her last job.
  • 8. A story about a time when she implemented an HR initiative, policy, or program that no one adhered to.
  • 9. What to do when there are conflicts in the workplace.
  • 10. Has she applied new technology or information in her work?

I think these questions are enough to get an idea of ​​her personality and experience.

Certified HR specialist

Paula Sanchez is suitable for the role of HR specialist because in her previous work she has participated in various events, as well as meetings with customers, suppliers, and partner organizations to discuss various aspects of the company. She has conducted research to identify the strengths, weaknesses, concerns, and goals of their clients and employees to provide them with the most tailored strategy possible. And the experience and qualities gained are sufficient to function reliably and effectively the department for which it is designated.

The obligations will include:

Responsible for the administration of the payroll system
Communicate with managers to solve problems
Tracking and reporting problems with the payroll system
Reconcile salary records with approved schedules
Process seizure of salaries and other deductions
Proper use of the payroll system
Management of the organization and coordination of internal events, including entertainment events and training activities
Providing information to internal and external parties using various tools and documentation
Development, updating, and communication of programs and policies for human initiatives
Responding to inquiries and complaints from employees.
Preparation and distribution of notes, as well as compensations, disciplinary and termination letters, and reports.
Research, analysis, and implementation of tasks by management
Preparation and publication of announcements and preparation of an interview program
Providing information to future employees about company standards and specific requirements for the position
Providing guidance and assistance to new employees
Maintenance of organizational charts and detailed job descriptions, together with salary records
Interviewing potential employees for senior positions
To be aware of and comply with the changes in the labor legislation

I will start with a set of questions regarding the previous position, I will review whether there are recommendations from previous jobs.
A test will be prepared with open questions regarding the legislation, salaries in certain situations, how she would react and act, as well as in case of great stress what decisions she makes.

HR Business Partner

For HR Business Partner, I offer our International Business Developer, because they both strive for the needs of the company abroad from opening a new office to all issues related to foreign employees. As well as the realization of foreign goals in favor of the organization.

The responsibilities of this position include providing day-to-day guidance in all aspects of international human resources, including oversight of foreigners in the company. To take corporate responsibility for the development of company guidelines, policies, and procedures on emigration issues. Develops and supports the implementation of human resources programs for all foreign employees and emphasizes labor legislation of the country. As well as hiring foreigners and dealing with tax issues.

Holds weekly meetings with relevant business units.
Works closely with management and employees to improve working relationships, build morale and increase productivity and retention.
Can maintain a long-term commitment to develop policies, processes, and procedures and address employee relations issues. Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of foreign and domestic policy issues and their solutions. Provides guidance and information on the restructuring of foreign business units, recruitment planning, and management of the entire HR procedure.
Maintains good international cooperation with foreign companies and as a consultant on international laws and regulations on the company’s external relations. It also liaises with government officials, civilian authorities, research agencies, the media, and political parties dealing with foreign affairs. Provides daily guidelines for managing the implementation of such as (Coaching, counseling, career development, disciplinary actions, training). Writing draft legislative proposals and preparing speeches, correspondence, and documents on the company’s international policy.
Coordination of workshops, including preparation and distribution of the agenda, as well as all necessary arrangements for travel abroad.
Great organizational skills and attention to detail, ability to juggle and prioritize multiple tasks simultaneously.

I will focus on her experience abroad and what she thinks is best to do when opening a new office abroad. How it represented the company’s needs abroad, what was difficult to implement, what needs to be worked on to improve. There will be a meeting with the management so that they can also express their opinion and discuss the issues they have with it.

People data analyst (scientist)

The two majors are interconnected by the incredible amount of data they have access to and manage by creating rules, tools, and approaches in analyzing and interpreting data related to people in the organization to provide information in an understandable form that can be used for various management purposes.

The tasks related to this role are to analyze and develop workforce programs to support the development and monitoring of human resources plans. Works closely with the HR Operations team to ensure that everything is done correctly. Answer questions from HR, employees, and managers about employee data management. Create accurate, robust statistical algorithms and machine learning processes that support HR processes, tools, or products. Build and work with large and complex datasets and measures to use in analysis and lead to business decisions. Proper integration of systems throughout the HR department.
Consulting with clients and a team to turn business goals and analytical needs into repeatable analytical solutions. Based on indicators and analysis, it makes recommendations for policies and activities to improve the organizational culture, including proposals for attracting and hiring qualified candidates, motivating and retaining employees, addressing staffing issues and maintaining legal compliance. Preparation of reports on the results of the data, presenting and explaining the findings of senior management.
Identifies and recommends reasonable short-term and long-term goals.
Ensures compliance with data privacy regulations and best practices. Analyzes and presents data and other information to identify significant trends or key issues provides recommendations and makes presentations on trends, forecasts, deliveries, forecasts future potentials.

We will provide a set of different data so that we can test his analytical thinking and how he will then provide the information given to us.
We will meet with the teams that communicate with customers and technicians to ask their questions and what they want to improve. We will discuss the recommended activities to improve the organizational culture.

HRIS Manager

I chose this position for Jeremy. From his previous experience, we will see that he understands well from performance, management, and design because these are the main qualities for a good Global Supply Director. He has also led the group’s global IT strategy and global IT teams. The assigned responsibility he carried and together with the possessed qualities and experience make him a good choice for HRIS Manager.

The tasks he will perform at the most basic level should be able to summarize information about the salaries and benefits for the company’s human resources department. The HRIS manager must create or use a software platform that facilitates staff in entering basic salary information, including redundancies and deductions for each employee in the company, health benefits, paid leave, and other needs.
Also, the HRIS manager is expected to make the platform usable for most users. This includes creating user accounts for employees, placing those employee accounts at an accessibility level, and offering ongoing training and support for the use of these systems and software. This allows all employees to make major changes to personal information, such as postal addresses and telephone numbers and allows them to check the status of benefits and choose adjustments during the open season to enroll in insurance.
Be familiar with common programming languages ​​such as customizing HRIS software to meet the specific needs of the organization.
Make sure all interfaces work properly with the support of the required IT technical team and update the software.
Make sure that the various self-service tools work as designed
Providing improved technological or system solutions through end-to-end project implementation, participating in activities ranging from requirements collection, gap analysis, solution design, system configuration, test planning and execution, documentation, implementation.
The aim is to extract the most detailed information possible for the needs of the organization and to determine a strategy for production, quality, and customer service; system design; accumulation of resources; solving problems; implementing change, and analyzing problems.

We will look in detail at the company’s software and discuss every aspect of it to get an idea of ​​its knowledge. We will discuss various strategies and mainly his for the implementation of updates in the company.
There will be a set of questions from what he helped to develop the company, what is implemented by new technologies to facilitate the work of employees, we will give cases for resolution and we will see the results of everything and discuss.

HR Business Analyst

HR Business Analyst is also a technical position. The experience of our technical director shows that he is good at planning, managing, and coordinating a technical plan. As well as the establishment of contacts with the heads of other internal structures and the preparation of a plan for the course of the respective projects and the necessary budget, coordination and appropriate allocation of human resources.

He will need to be able to assist and be responsible for the preparation of a resource plan, the management of the subcontractors performing the relevant engineering activities of the project, and ensuring the objectives of the project to achieve them.
To monitor and control the costs of the projects according to the pre-approved budget. Regularly prepare and present to the management the status of the projects – schedule, revenues, costs, risk, etc.
Consult with our senior management at Global Centers of Expertise such as human resource management, total remuneration, field services, talent development, shared talent services, and performance management. Yes Provides exceptional service by being connected, responsive and insightful.
Maintain strong business relationships with key stakeholders and human services teams. Builds trust by demonstrating understanding and keeping up to date with Talent Analytic trends, research, and tools. Generates innovative ideas to use and implement.
Understands the process of integrating data: including workforce data from central systems such as People Insights and other HR applications such as Taleo or in our talent development platforms.
Support local training for existing and new tools.
Generates innovative ideas and solutions that improve our products, insights, and ability to deliver effectively. Identify improvements to the analytical process and make the necessary changes to improve operations. Link the relationship between reporting, analysis, and data science Partner with HR and business leaders to analyze HR data and acquisition programs, develop integration plans related to benefits, HR system, salaries, and HR processes and procedures. Reporting, analysis, and boards to meet the needs of business intelligence in the field of staffing, data changes, the use of self-service, employment trends, and more.

I will prepare a plan together with a person from the IT team, who is more familiar with the IT procedures so that the plan we will prepare is sufficiently improved and informative so that there is no ambiguity in Martin’s training.
We will analyze together different HR data, systems, processes, and procedures to get an idea of ​​his thinking on these issues. Along with this, we will assign him certain tasks and see how he will be able to cope with them.

HRIS administrator

Administrative experience matters. The drunken office administrator already has the experience and initial knowledge and as an HRIS administrator, he will easily approach the given tasks.

You will need to monitor and maintain the optimal HRIS function, which may include installing, customizing, developing, maintaining applications, systems, and modules.
Collaborates with executive management and human resources staff to identify system improvements and enhancements; recommends and implements solutions.
Manages permissions, access, customization, and similar system operations and settings for HRIS users.

Compiles or facilitates the receipt of complex reports with data, summaries, and diaries for senior executives and human resources staff.
Serves as a leading representative and liaison between HR, information services, external providers, and other stakeholders for HRIS design and implementation projects.
Performs other duties as required.
Supports the technological aspects of record-keeping, database management, and employee monitoring.
Administers and controls the administration of human resources programs
Maintenance of personnel files.
Greeting and guiding visitors.
Conducts research and analysis of organizational trends, including review of reports and indicators from the organization’s human resources information system (HRIS) or talent management system.
Processing of all incoming and outgoing mail, calls, emails, and faxes
Continuous monitoring, replying, and forwarding of incoming emails, coordination of messenger and courier services with preferred providers
Receive, sort, and distribute daily incoming mail to staff
Create, maintain, and view office documents, such as invoices, statements, notes, and other administrative records.
Planning and coordinating professional meetings, interviews, and meetings, among others: Maintaining a calendar and coordinating the work process and meetings
preparation and delivery of documents to clients requesting information about a project
Maintaining coordination in the office and resolving any questions and inquiries:
.Develops organizational strategies by identifying and researching human resource issues
Assists management by providing advice and solutions for human resources, analysis of information and applications.
Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) is system software that automates processes such as payroll and benefit information and can also be used in a company as a functioning intranet for communication between employees and supervisors.

I will conduct the standard interview with questions, I will do a second one with the HRIS Manager so that he can also express an opinion. I will be directly responsible for it in the first month so that it can get used to the work and the software, we will prepare a set of rules and procedures that it thinks will benefit the company.

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