Human Resources Management Plan in Project management

The following article presents a real example of human resources management plan in project management practices where human resources management is a part and a major phase in planning the full project execution.

You are free to use this material as a reference in your academic or professional works at your own risk. The publication is useful for project management or human resources management training courses or the human resources management certification program of BVOP as this work is a real plan created by a student signed in a real project management course.

Human Resources Management Plan

For a new project for the organization

Staffing Plan

The staff for the project will consist entirely of our internal resources. There will be no outsourcing/contracting performed within the scope of this project. The Project Manager will negotiate with HR managers and department managers in order to identify and assign resources in accordance with the project organizational structure. All resources must be approved by the appropriate functional/department manager before the resource may begin any project work. The project team will not be co-located for this project and all resources will remain in their current workspace.

Positions and Skills

The roles and responsibilities of the project’s stakeholders are essential to project success. All team members must clearly understand their roles and responsibilities in order to successfully perform their portion of the project. For this project the following key internal project team roles and responsibilities have been established:

  • Executive Sponsor and Project Sponsor: provide direction and guidance for project empowerment, key business strategies, and project initiatives, provide resources and support for the project, identify and qualify project benefits and manage project benefits realization. Participate in initial project planning, approve the important documents and assess the key deliverables to ensure the project’s success.
  • Project Director: responsible for supervising and managing the whole project team, managing resources and overseeing finances to ensure that the project progresses on time and on budget. Ensuring the project proceeds within the specified time frame and under the established budget, while achieving its objectives. The Project Director must have critical thinking, possess excellent leadership, management, decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Project Manager (PM): responsible for managing the parameters of the project, splitting and following up with the tasks, reporting status to the executive committee in accordance with the communications management plan and assuring project management gap resolution, organizing the project team meetings, The Project Manager must authorize and approve all project expenditures. The Project Manager will evaluate the performance of all project team members and communicate their performance to the Project Director. The Project Manager must possess the following skills: leadership/management, budgeting, scheduling, and effective communication.
  • Head of Design: responsible for the overall design of the new model washing machine, perform various tasks in an engineering department including drafting blueprints, creating test prototypes, and overseeing the manufacturing process. The head of design will assist the development manager in the distribution and monitoring of the software upgrades throughout the network infrastructure. The head of design will be responsible for timely status reporting to the PM as required by the communications management plan. The Head of Design must be proficient in product design engineering and possess creativity in the washing machine industry.
  • Development Manager (2 positions): responsible for the distribution, implementation, and monitoring and controlling the manufacturing of the new model washing machine. The Development Manager is responsible for managing a team of developers and working with the designer to ensure both the exterior and interior of the new product conforms with organizational security regulations. The Development Manager will report status to the PM in accordance with the project’s communications management plan. The Development Manager must be proficient in technical knowledge, manufacturing washing machines and good at managing the developers’ team.
  • Developers (4 positions): Researching, designing, implementing and managing software programs, hardware and application design for the manufacturing of the innovative washing machine. Testing and evaluating new programs according to the requirements. Identifying areas for modification in existing programs and subsequently developing these modifications. Writing and implementing efficient code. Must have knowledge of washing machine manufacturing and computer programming / Coding.
  • Procurement Manager: Manage company’s sourcing capabilities and supply chain. Responsible for strategizing and negotiating with suppliers and vendors in order to acquire the most cost-effective deals and to reduce procurement expenses. Sourcing and engaging reliable suppliers and vendors. Negotiating with suppliers and vendors to secure advantageous terms. Building and maintaining long-term relationships with vendors and suppliers. Performing risk assessments on potential contracts and agreements. Must have proven experience managing supply chain operations, in-depth knowledge of preparing and reviewing contracts, invoicing, and negotiation terms.
  • HR Manager: responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing workers, handling employee relations, payroll, benefits, and training. HR manager plans, directs and coordinates the administrative functions of an organization. HR Manager also coordinates and supervises the work of specialists and support staff, handles staffing issues, such as mediating disputes and directing disciplinary procedures.
  • Resource Timeline

As the project will be ongoing for about 12 months, all resources are required before the project can begin. The estimated working hours for the staff are required to perform 40 hours per week per head for the project.


There is currently no training scheduled with regards to the project since the organization has adequate staff with required skill sets. However, if training requirements are identified, funding will be provided from the project reserve.

Performance Reviews

The project manager will review each team member’s assigned work activities at the onset of the project and communicate all expectations of work to be performed. The project manager will then evaluate each team member throughout the project to evaluate their performance and how effectively they are completing their assigned work. Prior to releasing project resources, the project manager will meet with the HR manager and provide feedback on employee project performance. The HR manager will then perform a formal performance review on each team member.

In the case of underperformance:

    1. First, deal with the underperforming employees as soon as possible, conduct a performance review, identify the underlying causes of underperformance: inadequate skills, lack of communication or work-related stress or personal etc. This will dictate whether an informal or formal approach will be taken to performance management issues.
    2. Second, set up a plan for improvement with the underperformer based on the cause, for instance, encourage a sense of ownership if it comes to the attitude issue; provide necessary training if it’s lack of certain skills; set clear goals and expectations, match employees to the skills required. Include also the consequences if the goals are not achieved in the plan.
    3. Thirdly, follow up and monitor the working progress closely.
    4. Fourthly, after all this work, if there are no improvements, it’s time to change the demeanor, take the action accordingly if needed.
    5. Last but not least, reward them for improvements. If the employee turns their performance around, moderately reward them to show company’s appreciation.

Recognition and Rewards

Upon successful completion of the project, a celebratory event will be held for all the team members and above all, and their family members are also invited.

To thank the team members who exceeded the expectations of completing all assigned tasks to an exceptional level, they will receive a generous bonus/a weekend travel package from the company.

RACI Matrix

The following RACI chart demonstrates the relationship between the project sectors and the stakeholders’ roles:



Project Sponsors Project Director Project Manager Dev Managers Develo-pers Head of Design Procurement Manager HR Manager
Project Planning C A R C I C C C
Resource Management C C A I I I I R
Risk Management C R A C I C C C
Technical Design C C A I I R I
Product Development C C A R R C C
Procurement C C A C I C R
Cost Management C A R C I C C C
Quality Assurance C A R R I R R
Testing C C A R R R I
Change Management C A R C I C C C
Human Resource Management C C A I I I I R

R – Responsible for completing the work

A – Accountable for ensuring task completion/sign off

C – Consulted before any actions are taken

I – Informed of when an action/decision has been made

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Let’s continue with the human resources management plan.

The feedback from the mentor about the plan

Good start with the Staffing Plan and great idea to describe the Executive Sponsor and Project Sponsor and Project Director roles at the beginning of the Positions and Skills section.

If your project already has clearly defined Sponsor and Director, you probably won’t need to describe these roles.

Once you have been assigned as a project manager, the position of the project manager would probably be unnecessary to describe. However, it is a good idea to have it in the document as the project stakeholders may need to appoint an additional project manager at some point.

A project manager assistant is also sometimes possible to include in your project if you need assistance. You will determine the responsibilities and skills of your assistant.

However, if training requirements are identified, funding will be provided from the project reserve…

Remember, when it comes time to training, describe them eventually in this document later.

The subject of underperformance is delicate.

You indicate very well the skills, lack of communication or work-related stress or personal etc.

The reasons must be clear, and you need to be sure of the reasons why. You may need to interview both your underperforming colleague and other team members as well as his / her direct supervisor.

Very good RACI matrix.

Bravo for the excellent document.

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