Cost management plan in project management practices

The purpose of this cost management plan is to determine the methodology by which costs related to corporate projects will be managed. This is necessary to ensure the successful completion of each project within the allocated budget constraints. There are several components of project management costs, as well as many indicators, cost difference considerations, and […]

Scrum example team and projects scenarios

We present real-life example cases from Scrum teams and projects that can enrich your real-world knowledge of the Scrum framework, Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Development Team topics. BVOP™ Senior Scrum Master BVOP is a modern Agile organization that created the Senior Scrum Master certification program, which follows its new Agile methodology. Create an account […]

Project Management and the Development life cycle

Project Management and the Development life cycle are related and important topics. There is a need for management reviews at which the progress and direction of the project can be formally assessed. The information in this article is validated by an official representative assigned from the PM.MBA and supervision of project management articles was conducted […]

What is Project Management – Definitions, processes, practices and tools

BVOP Certified Project Manager is a modern Agile title Great news All our readers receive a promo code to reduce the certification exam. Register at and redeem this code: BVOP88072020. Certification exam price: $ 55 Project management (PM) refers to initiating, planning, controlling, controlling, and completing projects. Many terms and procedures in project management are established and standardized.


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